African Cleanup Initiative (ACI) on the 12th of November 2020 visited Aguda Grammar School Complex to introduce the Bottles for Pad Project. The meeting was to sensitize the students of Aguda Junior and Senior Grammar School on the importance of the Bottles for Pad project to them and the environment.

The meeting started at about 12pm with the Communication Manager of African Cleanup Initiative, Mrs. Blessing Onyelekwe and Lawal Imisioluwa Deborah, the Programs Officer of African Cleanup Initiative teaching and sensitizing the girls about the environmental implication of the project and the benefits of the project to them which is having a pad as their reward for being environmentally responsible.

Mrs. Blessing Onyelekwe and Lawal Imisioluwa Deborah explained the types of sanitary materials we have for exchange when they bring their PET bottles and how to use each of these sanitary wears especially for the junior girls who are just in their puberty stage.

The Project Manager of Mr. Munnir Adams gave the breakdown on how the project will work and how many bottles they have to bring to get each of the sanitary material.

The question and answer session was anchored by the team of African Cleanup Initiative.

The Schools management applauded African Cleanup Initiative for bringing the Bottles for Pad project to their schools which will empower the students to be environmentally responsible and help the female students have easy access to menstrual wares. They also stated that they look forward to the sustainability of the project.

The school management promised to monitor the students and ensure they all bring recyclables for the sole aim of cleaning the environment and much more the pad donation to the students.

On behalf of the CEO of African Cleanup Initiative, Mr. Alexander Akhigbe, Mrs. Blessing Onyelekwe gave the vote of thanks and assured them of the sustainability of the project.