African Cleanup initiative on Saturday, 10th of October 2020 carried out her Green Independence cleanup exercise in 12 states with 18 locations across the six geo-political zones of Nigeria to celebrate Nigeria’s 60th Independence which was proudly sponsored by the cocacola foundation.

The event held simultaneously at the various locations at 8am, the locations are Jigawa state (Dutse, Gwaram, Birnin Kudu, Babura, Kaugama, Ringim), Kano state, Kaduna (Sabon gari, and Ahmadu Bello way Zaria), Oyo state, Ogun state, Ekiti state, Osun state, Lagos state, Benue state, Rivers state, Anambra state and Abuja.
Everyone converged at the various locations with the team leads addressing them about the activities and welcomed all the partners and thanked everyone present for volunteering to be a part of the exercise.


The CEO of African Cleanup Initiative Mr. Alexander Akhigbe while speaking from the Lagos Cleanup area said that this project is a good platform to bring about a national awakening of the country’s consciousness to her environmental challenges and to sensitize Nigerians on the importance of keeping a clean environment.
He urged Nigerians to take responsibility, clean their immediate environment and ensure that their drainages are not blocked again.
He also said the commitment and zeal shown by this year’s GIC Team Leads toward staging the GIC project in their states is a testimony that Nigeria will surmount all her challenges to become great again. He said he is very proud of the team leads and the efforts they have put in place to ensure the event is a success at their various locations.

Mr Akhigbe further said “With this great national clean up and sensitization project, GREEN INDEPENDENCE CLEANUP (GIC), we will collectively be making a bold statement that unity is the wheel of progress and social impact for any country and he thanked the cocacola foundation for sponsoring the event this year.

Ms. Faith Gbagidi, The representative from the Federal ministry of environment who was at the Abuja location stated in her keynote speech that No amount of efforts aimed at tackling the issues of environmental sanitation and waste management can be said to be too much in view of the sorry state of our environment and resultant effects.
She also stated that to effectively improve our sanitation and waste management challenges in Nigeria, We need the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders i.e. The three tiers of government, The Private sector and the Non-Governmental Organisation, not only to do the talking but also take practical steps and actions individually and collectively as agents of change to ensure everyone everywhere has access to and use appropriately environment sanitation and waste management facilities

The volunteers numbering more than 540 in total were shared into 5 groups at their various locations to clean different areas of the community ranging from the Cleanup group, sensitization and Advocacy group, media group etc. During the exercise, onlookers were watching and wondering if the volunteer were paid to do the work as they found it difficult to understand that some people would just come from their homes to a particular location and start cleaning without being paid,”.
The event was a great Success all-round the locations and some patriotic individuals in the community also came out to join the volunteers to clean while some donated water and tools to support the volunteers work.