The Recyclespay Educational Project which was launched in December 2018 is a project designed to address the challenges faced by low income school owners with regards to Student school fees, Text Books, Uniforms, Furniture, teacher Allowance and other basic school necessities.

The Recyclespay project which is built on the pillars of environmental sustainability and access to quality education for all is designed using two concepts {Recyclespay and Recyclespay Plus} which are both structured to proffer solutions to the complaints and individual challenges faced by different schools with respect to meeting their educational needs.

Under the Recyclespay model, schools receive recyclables [PET bottles, pure water sachets, Can, Tin, Bottles, and Cartons etc from parents as individual contribution towards meeting their ward/wards educational needs.

The Reyclespay plus model is designed a bit differently as under this model schools receive/gather the recyclables as an entity, funds generated from the recyclables are then used to pay teachers, buy furniture, repair school facilities, purchase teaching aids etc for use by the entire student population to ensure they not only stay in school but have the structures necessary for learning to take place.

The Recyclespay Educational project is run using a transparent model in which all the recyclables are weighed at the point of pickup and records kept by the school, African Cleanup initiative and the Recycling partner.

The Recyclespay Educational project has a working vision to enable 10,000 (Ten thousand) children in struggling communities gain access to quality education with a target of 1000 (one thousand) every year from the year 2020 till the year 2030.

By the end of 2030 according to our projections we would have removed 59,000,000 (fifty nine million) individual PET from the environment into funding the future of thousands of vulnerable children.

We have so far launched the Recyclespay project in some schools across Lagos;

  1. Morits international school, Ajegunle.
  2. ISRINA Schools, Ajegunle.
  3. A-Z All Phase Academy, Ijesha.
  4. Road 12 learning centre, Ikota.
  5. Bethesda Schools, Ikota.
  6. Dream From The Slum Initiative, Ajegunle.
  7. Notre Rehoboth schools, Ikorodu.
  8. Emakreva School, Ajegunle.
  9. Ife Nursery and Primary School, Ajegunle.

We can only grow stronger as we have so far received donations from some individual donors and organisations which. So far we have launched

As at January 2020, 427 children and 138 families have benefitted from this project .With about 2,000,000 individual recyclables (Tin, Cans, Sachet, PET, Bottles & Cartons) recovered from the environment. In December 2019, RecyclesPay was rated 44 out of 50 projects in the world putting smiles on people’s faces in 2019.

Some of the outcomes we’ve been able to produce are:

  • Empowered 427 children to think and act green.
  • Directly impacted 138 families.
  • Helped Reduced the carbon footprint of 5 communities.
  • Schools have been able to provide free text books and furniture for their students.
  • Communities in which the project is being run are now gradually becoming cleaner and healthier according to community members.

The project has helped single parents, widows, orphans, struggling families and schools facing various forms of challenges overcome a substantial amount of their challenges thereby ensuring more children stay in school without fear of where to get money for their next fees, books, uniforms and other school purchases.

Like the Native American proverb goes ‘’we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children’’.

Let’s all come together and ensure we truly leave no one behind by adopting practices with environmental benefits to ensure the future is green, healthy, educated and liveable for generations yet to come.