African Clean-up Initiative (ACI), a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), on Wednesday 29th January 2020, had her first cleanup exercise for the year in collaboration with The U.S. embassy in Lagos to clean-up the consulate environs and it was tagged Cleanup Crescent

The financial grants will help fund the expansion of the Recycles Pay project, which had immense success in the pilot phase, as well as the Clean Up Naija initiative.

The exercise which had over a 100 volunteers which consisted of staff of the consulate , ACI volunteers and some military men from Bonny camp was kicked off  by The Consul-General, Mrs Claire Pierangelo, who led staff of the mission on the clean-up exercise said that the mission had the policy to maintain cleanliness. Pierangelo, was elated by the turnout of volunteers from ACI to aid the cleaning of the environment, she said that Nigerian youths could achieve a clean environment in the country if properly mobilized.

Extending his gratitude to The Coca-Cola Foundation for the grants awarded, Alexander Akhigbe, founder of the African Clean Up Initiative, said: “I would like to thank The Coca-Cola Foundation for awarding us with these incredible grants. To be noticed by them shows that we have done important work so far. These grants will no doubt prove useful in increasing our capacity as an organisation and helping us impact more lives through our projects.”

Speaking on the grants awarded, the Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability Manager Coca-Cola Nigeria; Nwamaka Onyemelukwe, remarked on the company’s efforts at creating shared opportunities in communities where they do business.

“The Coca-Cola Foundation is delighted to partner with The African Clean Up Initiative to upscale the Recyclespay and Cleanup Naija projects. This is an important partnership for underserved communities – ensuring children from underprivileged homes remain in school and identifying new ways to prevent plastic waste from littering our environment and entering our rivers and oceans.

She stated that the consulate is partnering with ACI to ensure that they make a difference in the clean-up program of the mission. And also pass the message of environmental sustainability to the neighboring organisation as the important thing is for them in the consulate is to achieve the desired target of a clean and habitable place,

Mr Alex Akhigbe, CEO African Clean Up Initiative said that since the inception of the organisation in 2010, it had been on the fore front for a clean environment. He stated ACI partnership with the U.S. consulate is to pass a message of unity of purpose to other organisation and foreign missions that there is need to collaborate to ensure a clean and healthy environment.


He stated that “The Government alone cannot give us clean environment, we all need to join forces together as we are contending with the issue of plastics wastes and waste recycling to reduce wastes that cause environmental pollution.

The exercised commenced proper as the volunteers inclusive of the Consul General herself were group into four teams and they all went round the crescent and Napex Car park to pick wastes and separated the recyclable plastics from the others

Total number of recyclables gotten from “Cleanup the Crescent” exercise was 95.14kg of plastics and an estimated number of 440 kg for general waste, at an average of 4.4 kg of waste recovered by each volunteer.

At the end of the exercise, the mission issued a certificate of participation to all participants.